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Self Regulation: You Can Get Them There

Students can learn to self-regulate themselves with the right strategies and tools. 

This course will empower you with the tools and strategies you need!

Save time researching what tools and procedures work.

Kara has and used these tools and strategies with real students.

Understanding how the brain works helps you regulate.

Have students with anxiety? ADHD? Frustration? Lack of confidence?

All those things can cause dysregulation.

Empower your students by teaching self-regulation skills with similar strategies you use to teach academics.

About 6 hours of self-paced work. Instruction is by video and there are practice opportunities.

Register for the Course - $97

Course Breakdown

Unit 1 - The Language of Self Regulation - Feelings Vocabulary and the Hand Model of the Brain

Unit 2 - More Brain Language and Ideas for Teaching - Upstairs/ Downstairs Brain, Amygdala Hijack, and Fight/Flight/Freeze

Unit 3 - Routines and Procedures

Unit 4 - Tools to maintain Regulation - Strategies and resources


Unit 5 - Tools to Regain Regulation - Strategies and resources

Unit 6 - Co-regulation and More

Course Facilitator: Kara Guiff

Kara is a special education teacher with 30 years of experience in K-12 education and a trainer with 5 years of experience providing professional development. She uses the strategies she teaches in her own practice. She loves finding, creating, and sharing processes and resources that WORK! She spends the time trying them out so you don't have to - you can be assured that what Kara teaches WORKS!

What other course attendees say about Kara:

 " I love how clear your directions were and how you responded to my questions (so fast!) with helpful answers." -- Marie Zoller SpEd Teacher

 "I liked Kara's presentation style. It is easy to follow and she makes you feel comfortable" -- Denise Rutherford

Register for the Course - $97

Taking a course through Guiff Goodies for Education means you not only get quality work-your-own-pace instruction, but you also have access to Kara Guiff directly. She provides feedback and answers questions throughout your course. Kara often makes individual short videos to demonstrate things that course attendees request help with, and will schedule a video chat with you if it is needed. You aren't just purchasing access to the learning materials - you are purchasing access to Kara and her knowledge!

What Others are Saying about This Course!

Become a Better Teacher!

This class taught me about how the brain cannot always help you regulate. Then on top of the knowledge gain it gave practical applications and tools! This was the best part of the course. I learned a lot about my self and why I have had confrontation with students in the past. It has helped me become a better teacher!     - Courtney Orme

Empower Your Students!

This course offers techniques to help children self-regulate that will empower them in the future to be successful and stable. The format was incredible. I loved the variety of videos, articles, and activities.        - Sue Shollenberger

Save Time!

So much wonderful information and great resources. I will be sharing with other educators because we all need help with this sometimes. So many of us are flying by the seat of our pants and feeling like our time is tied up and tight. The resources you have provided are great and have saved me time trying to find them myself.                       -Renee Klink

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