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Speeding Up SpEd Paperwork w/Google

Cut your paperwork time by up to 60%

Learn to use Google Forms, Sheets, and so much more to get better data more efficiently. Use the time you save to spend more time doing the things you enjoy!

The course is about 6 hours of work divided into 6 units you can complete at your own pace. All learning is asynchronous through Google Classroom. You will receive a certificate of completion for 6 hours of professional development upon successful completion of the course.

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Instruction is by video and there are practice opportunities. You will get copies of every Form I teach.


98% of teachers who take this course say they got more than they expected from it and cut their paperwork by at least 30%!

  • Easy to use systems for Gathering, Documenting, Analyzing, and Reporting Data that SAVE YOU TIME

  • Time Saving Tips for Writing IEPs

  • Many Sample Forms From Kara

  • Your Own Copies of Forms to modify for immediate implementation

  • Course Breakdown

    UNIT 1

    Beginning of the Year Paperwork

    (Forms and Sheets w/add-ons)

    UNIT 2

    Data Collection and Progress Monitoring

    (Forms and Sheets w/add-ons)

    UNIT 3

    continued + Reporting

    (Forms and Sheets +more)

    UNIT 4

    Getting What You Need

    (Gmail, Forms, Sheets, + more)

    UNIT 5

    Ideas to Make IEP Writing Quicker

    (Google Keep plus other tools)

    UNIT 6

    Organizing Drive and Gmail plus attendee driven teaching

    Course Facilitator : Kara Guiff

    Kara is a special education teacher with over 30 years of experience in K-12 education and a trainer with many years of experience providing professional development. She uses the strategies she teaches in her own practice. She loves finding, creating, and sharing processes and resources that WORK! She spends the time trying them out so you don't have to - you can be assured that what Kara teaches WORKS!

    What other course attendees
    say about Kara:

    " I love how clear your directions were and how you responded to my questions (so fast!) with helpful answers." -- Marie Zoller SpEd Teacher"

    " I love how clear your directions were and how you responded to my questions (so fast!) with helpful answers." -- Marie Zoller SpEd Teacher"

    Click to Purchase $147 (USD)

    Taking a course through Guiff Goodies for Education means you not only get quality work-your-own-pace instruction, but you also have access to Kara Guiff directly. She provides feedback and answers questions throughout your course. Kara often makes individual short videos to demonstrate things that course attendees request help with, and will schedule a video chat with you if it is needed. You aren't just purchasing access to the learning materials - you are purchasing access to Kara and her knowledge!

    What Others are Saying about

    Speeding Up SpEd Paperwork with G Suite

    Life Changing!

    "Progress monitoring and data collection has always been a struggle for me. I have never enjoyed the time it takes and the paper trail that it leaves behind. Kara and this course have been life changing! I am now excited to take data and have learned all of the tips and tricks to help save time and keep all of my data in one place. This course was well worth the cost and I would recommend any course that Kara Guiff offers. Being given the templates and tools to make Google Forms that work for you and your class is amazing"

    - Hannah Englesrud

    Even if you think your Google Skills are pretty good!

    "Going into the course I knew some basics of Google forms and thought I had learned a lot about Google drive over the last year. Was I so wrong! Kara showed us so many tricks and extra things you can do using both of those areas. My only regret is not having this information earlier in my teaching career! . I would definitely recommend this training for anyone who wants to learn how to more efficiently use G-Suite."

    - Laura Kingsley

    Easy to Implement and Very Useful!

    "This was, by far, one of the most helpful courses I've taken! What I learned will ACTUALLY help me do my job better and more efficiently! I never knew there were SO many things Google could do FOR me to make my life easier! Thank you so very much for sharing all of your tips and tricks/life hacks and making them easy to implement in my day-to-day work!"

    - Megan Johnson

    Spend Significantly Less Time!

    "I attended 'Speeding Up SpEd Paperwork' a couple of years ago. Kara shared information that she knows works because she works in special education. I left the workshop feeling excited about the tools she shared that have since changed my life, FOR REAL! I know that may sound dramatic, but I now spend significantly less time on paperwork, I feel like I am able to increase the quality of the work I do, and I'm not working from sun up until sun down on weekends during IEP Season."

    - Laura Kingsley

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