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Blended Learning for Math 5th - High School

Learn to Utilize the RIGHT Mix of Tech and non-tech activities in order to take your students as far as you can in the time you teach them!

  • Stop being confused about which technology tools will work with your students.
    - This course takes the guesswork out of choosing technology tools!

    Blended Learning is more then just adding EdTech to your instructional practice.
    - Become confident in your decisions about when to use tech and when not to!

    Wondering how to set up your class periods to make the most of your class time?
    - Kara Guiff will share tried and true practices with you.

    No More Technology Overwhelm!
    - Kara teaches you step by step how to use all of the tools showcased in this course. (more than 10)

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  • Course Breakdown - about 1 hour each unit

    UNIT 1

    Understanding Blended Learning so You Can Imagine the Possibilities

    UNIT 2

    Routines, Procedures, and Tools to Set You Up For Success

    UNIT 3

    Procedures and Tools to Make Lessons Most Effective so Students Take More Away from Them

    UNIT 4
    Tools and Procedures to make Practice Engaging so Students Learn More

    UNIT 5

    Center and Assessment ideas and Tools that Self Grade so You can Support Students Better

    UNIT 6

    Harnessing the Power of Video Instruction so Students Can Learn at their Own Pace

    Course Facilitator : Kara Guiff

    Kara is a special education teacher with over 30 years of experience in K-12 education and a trainer with many years of experience providing professional development. She uses the strategies she teaches in her own practice. She loves finding, creating, and sharing processes and resources that WORK! She spends the time trying them out so you don't have to - you can be assured that what Kara teaches WORKS!

    What other course attendees
    say about Kara:

    " I love how clear your directions were and how you responded to my questions (so fast!) with helpful answers." -- Marie Zoller SpEd Teacher"

    "I liked Kara's presentation style. It is easy to follow and she makes you feel comfortable" -- Denise Rutherford"

    Only $30 through August

    Taking a course through Guiff Goodies for Education means you not only get quality work-your-own-pace instruction, but you also have access to Kara Guiff directly. She provides feedback and answers questions throughout your course. Kara often makes individual short videos to demonstrate things that course attendees request help with, and will schedule a video chat with you if it is needed. You aren't just purchasing access to the learning materials - you are purchasing access to Kara and her knowledge!

    What Others are Saying about Blended Learning for Math

    Lots of Examples!

    Kara gave examples of ways she is using technology to engage all learners and additional ways to present beside direct instruction to free the teacher up to work individually with students.

    -Lisa Berry


    Kara uses what she is presenting so knows the practical uses not just the theory behind it.

    -Sara Yaggy

    Make the Decision NOW to Increase Your Blended Learning Math Skills!

    Full Price Course : $97 $30 USD

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    Interested in Training ALL your SpEd Staff?
    Discounts for groups of 10 or more people.

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