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IEP Data Collection and Study Hall Grade Form

This editable IEP Data Collection form doubles as a Study Hall Grade Sheet, and it will help you and your students keep track of how often they bring needed materials, have their assignment books completed, get started on their own, stay on task, and take care of materials at the end of class. It will also track locker and material organization. The sheet also has a system to give daily points toward a study hall grade based on work completed and worked on during class. Finally, there is a place to record scores earned each week to come up with a non-subjective grade for students in study hall. Included is a page of notes to the purchaser to help you understand how I use this grade sheet.

Most of us have students working on study skills and/or organization. After years of tweaking, this one page form has room for four weeks worth of data in one place. It is so easy to tally up the information collected and update progress on IEP goals. My students keep this sheet in a 3-prong folder that MUST be with them at all times when they are in my class. I drill into them that it can NEVER leave the room, and I have a system where my students collect their folders on the way in and return them on the way out. No one gets to leave the room without proving their folder is put away!

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